Weifang Jinrong New Material Science and Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the green chemical park ofWeifang Binhai Economic Development Zone,ShandongProvince. The company relies on abundant local old brine resources to produce magnesium oxide, magnesium hydroxide, magnesium carbonate and other magnesium salt series products as well as by-product gypsum dihydrate through chemical synthesis of brine. We have been engaged in the production of magnesium salt series products for many years, with mature technology, advanced technology and stable qua

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  • What aspects of life are magnesium oxide commonly used?

    What aspects of life are ma


    Magnesium oxide is a relatively common substance, which can be seen everywhere in life, but most of us do n...

    Oxygenated Magnesium Uses and Classification

    Oxygenated Magnesium Uses a


    Magnesium oxide can be divided into: heavy burnt magnesium, light burnt magnesium, industrial magnesia (lig...

    Requirements of Magnesium Chloride for Appearance Quality

    Requirements of Magnesium C


    Our company is a manufacturer of magnesium chloride and other chemical products, magnesium chloride variety...

    What are the applications of magnesium oxide in all walks of life?

    What are the applications o


    Magnesium oxide is widely used in all walks of life in our country. It has made great contributions. Magnes...

    How to detect the activity of magnesium oxide?

    How to detect the activity


    Magnesium oxide is widely used in daily life. It plays an important role in the production of some raw mate...

    Application of Magnesium Oxide in Material Industry

    Application of Magnesium Ox


    Fire-proof board: requirements for magnesium oxide: white color, high activity (if the outlet board wants t...

  • Notices for Transport of Magnesium Chloride

    Notices for Transport of Ma


    Notices for Transport of Magnesium Chloride...